This is an example of a can exhibit. These are genuine vintage labels, not reproductions. These are some of over one hundred exhibits on display.
Exhibits are set up by regions.

This is a portion of our Carrier section showing equipment used on the sardine carriers.









This is a sample of nearly 70 pictures of carriers
on display.

This is an example of how we represent coastal towns and their respective artifacts. The booth covers areas from Jonesport, ME through Gouldsboro, ME.









The scissor wall is a tribute to all sardine packers.  The scissors on this wall are the original ones used by the ladies packing sardines and have their names listed above each pair.

This machine, known as a sealer, put the covers on the cans producing an air-tight seal. It was introduced in 1937 by American Can Co. and revolutionized the sealing process.



This is the main working section of a Sardine Can Wrapping Machine.
This puts lithographed paper or cellophane over the can and glues it together. 
The machine is too large to picture in its entirety.